Book Reader App Features

Dai Software eBook Reader Application have replaced conventional way of reading printed books. Now you can simply convert your readers to shift on digital platform for favorite book on their smartphone or tablet by downloading Apps to Read Books for Android or iOS device. Admin can add several or unlimited eBook from admin dashboard now our book reader app quickly search for a book of reader choice and start reading them right away with bookmark facility and even if admin want to make book chargable he can charge reader for specific book by adding price to read book. Readers no longer have to visit physical stores to buy books. Here are some of the snapshot of our book reader apps for Android and iOS App.

eBook Reader Application

Ultimate Book Reader Mobile App developed by Dai Software which is ready to use for any customer. Your audience would just love the ease offered by eBook Reader Application.

Your customer no longer have to visit book shop to purchase books. Look for stunning application on Android and iOS store to read books for free.

Online Book Reader Application Features

The users can read their favorite book anytime and anywhere on their mobile devices or tablets. App comes with multiple payment modes Credit/Debit Cards, Braintree, Stripe, PayPal, etc. An online bookstore can be created with an in-app purchase feature. Push notifications, emails & text messages. Supports .rtf, .txt, pdf & Images. Available on Android & iOS

Book Reader App Development Company

We can customize ebook reader app as you want so that your customer reading experience is fullest. Customer can read online and offline and resume reading or bookmark book where you leave it on your phone, tablet or computer.

Your customer can access a wide range of free and paid books using this app. User can search the books, use the dictionary , search geographic information, select day, night or custome reading mode with font size zoom in and zoom out features, listen of the books if the editor has enabled voice synthesis and upload PDF files to your library.

eReader Application Development Company

Developed specifically to simplify and speed up the distribution of digital content like books, journals, graphical travel guides, audio books, STM books, illustrated childern book, the eReader app for Android and iOS comes equipped with the ability to make notes, create multiple bookmarks for future reading, turn pages, track reading progress, look for specific content, and more. It also allows you to implement DRM protection (encryption/decryption on content) to ensure that your files are secure from being shared or copied without proper rights and permissions.

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