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Food Delivery App Development Company

Dai Software online food ordering app development have replaced conventional way of ordering food from restaurant. Food Ordering Mobile Application allows your customers to get their ordered foods delivered to their home, office or wherever they want. On demand food delivery system comes with advance features and easy-to-use backend that will be used by restaurant, rider and admin even all this can be accessed on desktop, laptop, tablet or even Smartphone. Necessary features are provided, along with some powerful marketing tools and techniques, helping you achieve more business.

On Demand Food Ordering Admin Panel

Admin panel comes with lot of features like Restaurant Management, Customer Management, Driver or rider Management, Order Management, Payment Management, Coupon Code Management, Earnings, Settings (Display, features, etc.), Reporting, Mobile App slider, Admin User with rights, Tax information, sales area chart and many more

Food Ordering Restaurant Application Admin Panel

Restaurant panel comes with live order tracking, Adding Food Menu, Adding Offers, Order Accept & Management, Pay Manager, Payment Management, Coupon Code management, Restaurant Menu (Display, availability, unavailability & updates), Food Selection, Reporting, bank information, payment withdrawal and many more

Food Ordering Mobile Application For User

Simple and yet powerful customer food ordering mobile app comes with user registration, user Log in, Food or Restaurant Search based on Location, Find Nearby Restaurants, Wishlist, Order Placing (My Orders), Payment, Food Tracking, order cancelation, restaurant and food review and rating, in simple words its an app which is clone of zomato, uber eats, swiggy and many more

How Much Dose It Cost for On Demand Food Delivery App Development?

The on-demand food delivery mobile app cost might vary. We have standard app with almost all the features included in that now app cost will depend on factors you want to incorporate in the app, functionalities you want to add, app layout, app design and many other aspects, so lets connect and have a detail discussion so that we can provide you MVP for your startup.

If you are looking to develop your own food order & delivery app similar to zomato or uber eats or swiggy, we can do so by customizing our ready food delivery application according to your business needs. Or if you need a completely new kind of online food ordering system (app or website) developed from scratch, feel free to contact us for online food ordering or delivery app development now to share your idea.

Online Food Delivery App Development

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