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Custom College Management Application Development

Dai Software is having Ready Made College Management Application which can be customized as per college requirements for engaging various areas such as library, transport, inventory, hostel, staff etc., if you are looking for cost effective and ready to use college management application then we are ready with interactive and unique custom application

Institute Management System

Dai Software School, College, University ERP is centralized online server based web application which is developed with latest technology better coding and designing to maintain the speed and efficiency in institute administration, academic management and all type of campus operations. Our ERP web application is made with laravel framework and MySQL database and has more than 22 modules for the successful administration of the school, college and university activities. Following are some points which are covered while building School, College, University ERP Web Application

  • School ERP User Type

    User Type

    Student, Admission, Teacher, Teacher Permission, Parents, Accountant, Librarian

  • School ERP Academics


    Daily Attendance, Syllabus, Class, Class room, Department, Subject, Event Calendar

  • College ERP Exam


    Marks, Exam, Grades, Promotion, Results, Certificates

  • School ERP Accounting


    Student Fee Manager, Expense Category, Expense Manager

  • University ERP Library

    Back Office

    Library Book List Manager, Library Book Issue Report, Session Manager, Addon Manager

  • University ERP Setting


    System Settings, School Settings, Payment Settings, Language Settings, SMTP Settings

University Management Software

Total number of student total number of teachers total number of parent total number of staff are being shown in the dashboard. Number of student present on present day recent events and expenses of present month are also being shown in dashboard. From the admin panel navigation menu go to the users and select Student. The admin will be able to see a list of Student that admin has created. On the top of the list there is a button named "+Add new student". On clicking that button admin will see student admission page.

College Management ERP Reports

Education Management System

Manage Teacher Parent Accountant Librarian

Like student admin will find different option for users from left navigation menu. Every user list has a add button for adding users. For managing permission for teacher first of all choose the teacher permission module from left sidebar menu. Choose desired class and section and click on filter. You will get 4 areas where you can set permission for teachers accessibility. Which are Marks assignment attendance, online Exam. You can toggle the switch of permitting and not permitting.

Manage Daily Attendance

For managing daily attendance move to daily attendance module from the left sidebar menu. Select desire month year class and section to get the attendance sheet for selected month. You can take attendance by clicking over the take attendance button.

Manage Class Routine

Inside the class routine option select class and section to get the class routine for a week. You can add new routine by clicking over the add outine button. If you want to edit an existing class routine click over that routine and edit the info.

Manage Class and Section

Inside class module admin will get all the list of created class. Admin can add new class and can edit and delete from this module. In Class table there is a button for managing Section. Admin can Create edit and delete section for that specific class

Education Management System

School Management System

Exam Module handles all the functionality which are related to Exam. Like creating new exam, grades, managing marks and promoting student from one class to another class in next session. For promoting student you have to head over to promotion from the left menu. Select current session, select next session where you want to promote the student, select the class of the student and select the class where the student are promoting. After clicking on manage promotion button you will get the list of student.

School Management System

Online School Management

Manage Student Fee, Expense Category, Expense Manage. Accounting section is responsible for managing all the staff which are related with Accounting.

Back Office

Back Office cover Library, Session Manager, Addon Manager. In library module List of added book and book issue information are stored. Admin can add new books and can add book issue information in this module. Session manager is one of the most important feature in this application. Admin can switch to different Session to get all the information for that current session. Admin can add edit and delete session information. Addon manager is an eclusive feature for this application. Admin can add addons to activate modules which are not added by default in this application

University Management System

System Settings

Settings are the key component of any management system. The flexibility of a system is defined by its easy to handle settings. The "System Settings" will let the admin to change the basic system settings by editing the required data field. Also it gives a feasibility to change logo contact information other important settings aspect

School Settings

Admin can edit selected school settings. The basic information like school name address phone number

Payment Settings

The payment Settings will let the admin to change the payment settings like Client ids, Secret keys, public keys of different types of payment gateways. Also it gives a feasibility to change the testmode.

Language Settings

The software supports multiple languages. Admin can add new language and can edit phrases from language settings.

SMTP Settings

Admin can configure SMPT credentials for sending mails in this settings panel.

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Web Based College Management System

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